RPF: le vrai visage
(Stella Kayitesi)

Brig. Gen. Ibingira who controls the security of Kigali town and ensures the
protection of Gen. Kagame is related to Gen. Paul Kagame.
Theogene Rudasingwa, the Director of the Cabinet in the President Gen.
Kagame’s Office is Gerald Gahima's brother. Gahima is the Rwandan Attorney
General. Col. Nzaramba in charge of military training is their brother in
law, and their sister Beatrice Mukabaranga currently is among the head of
staff of KIE, and served as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Education
shortly after the Rwandan Patriotic Front overthrew the former government.

Major Denis Karera is Major Kwikiriza's brother, and is currently the Deputy
Commander in Chief of the Police. Their brother Musinge is Deputy Attorney
General (Avocat General) at the Supreme Court.

Lieutenant Camille who heads the communications systems of the Rwandan
Patriotic Army (A.P.R) is Colonel Karemera's brother, former Minister of
Education and currently Rwandan Ambassador in South Africa.

Colonel Karemera is Donat Kaberuka's first cousin. Their fathers are
brothers. Kaberuka is the only Minister of Finance for long period.

François Mutemberezi, the former Governor of the Central Bank of Rwanda is
married to Charles Muligande's sister. Charles Muligande is the current
Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs and the former Secretary General of RPF.
Mutemberezi's brother is Mayor of Commune Musambira in Gitarama province.
These are returnees from Burundi.

Musoni Protais, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Interior is Patrick
Mazimpaka's brother in law. Mazimpaka is the Special Envoy in General
Kagame's Office.

Aloysia Inyumba is the former Minister of Gender and currently the Governor
of Kigali Rural province. Lt. Colonel Dr. Richard Masozera is Aloysia
Inyumba's husband. He is Director of Immigration and Emigration.

Hope Mulera , former General Manager of the State Insurance Company
(SONARWA) and currently heads an important public real sector company
(Caisse Hypothecaire du Rwanda) is married to Gasana, the Director General
of ENGEN, former BP FINA bought by close RPF allies associated with South

Other powerful returnees from Uganda are: General Major James Kabareebe, the
Army General Chief of Staff, Colonel Frank Rusagara, former Deputy Minister
of Defense; Colonel Andrews Rwigamba, President of Military Courts; Colonel
Frank Mugambage, Commander in Chief of the Police; Colonel Kayonga, Advisor
to Rwandan President Kagame and Army Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Dr. Ndahiro
Emmanuel, the Special Advisor of President Kagame, Lt. Col. Byabagamba Tom
the Chief of Staff of the Republican Guard, Major Gacinya Rubagumya the Head
of the Special Intelligence, Lt. Karera, Lt. Camille, and others.

Colonel Jacques Nziza oversees the Directorate of Military Intelligence
(D.M.I), a paramilitary agency specialized in carrying out assassinations of
RPF enemies while Colonel Patrick Karegeya runs External Intelligence, a
D.M.I branch that coordinates assassinations abroad and the looting of the
natural resources of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Musoni James is another R.P.F heavy weight. He represents General Kagame in
the RPF. As such he is above Muligande in terms of pecking order. He is also
a major figure of Rwanda Revenue Authority.

Some women who joined the RPF during the bush war still play a major role.
There are Christine Umutoni the Rwandan Ambassador in Uganda, Emilie Rusera
the former M.P, Aloysia Inyumba the Governor of Kigali Rural province, Hope
Murera General Manager of C.H.R, Rose Kabuye the former MP and currently
coordinates the Army Supplying at Kanombe.
The most powerful of these women is Aloysia Inyumba. She has been closely
associated with General Kagame since the creation of the R.P.F. She is
Kagame's confidant. She holds the signature and secret numbers of the RPF
Bank Accounts in foreign countries."