Kabila’s assassination plot by Kagame: new revelations. 
By AfroAmerica Network. 

Kigali Rwanda – Goma, DRC, June 14, 2003.  

On March 10, 2003, in our editorial comment titled “Kabila Jr. 's Congo: Another Rwanda  unfolding, “ AfroAmerica Network revealed an assassination plot being fomented by  the Rwanda army through its proxy, the Congolese Rebels of the RCD.  The story  is being  confirmed by the exiled former Rwandan Minister of Defense,  Brigadier General Emmanuel Habyalimana and his former colleague Colonel Ndengeyinka in an article published by the Belgian newspaper Le Soir on June 13, 2003. According to Le Soir story,  the Rwandan army has already appointed Rwandan generals who will serve at the top of the future integrated Congolese army, as the RCD-Goma representatives.  RCD-Goma as such does not exist. If Kabila accepts the nomination of the generals to head Defense and Security, he will be killed in a two-month period during a  mounted coup d’Etat.

AfroAmerica Network had written  in  March 2003 that  the rebels backed by Rwanda will have a troy horse in Kinshasa, to kill Kabila and take power. A  repeat of 1994 in Rwanda.

What is important is not that General Habyarimana’s and Colonel Ndengeyinka’s story confirms what AfroAmerica Network knew all along? It is the insistence of the Rwandan proxy to absolutely and unconditionally have a final say on the composition and the  command of Congolese Army, the true power in most African countries, especially the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This information also confirms another information AfroAmerica just received from  RCD officers and Rwandan intelligence. RCD, while refusing to accept the oversight of the Central government, has appointed and sent its representatives in Government territories. These representatives, mostly from the RCD intelligence services, are recruiting and training  the would-be fifth column, or RCD cells, who will provoke  unrest and take over the regions and cities once Kabila is killed and a period of chaos follows. 

Some of these fifth column agents such as   Mansanga Tshiwuadi, in Kasai oriental  and  Evariste Tumba  in Bas-Congo are well known. Many more, including members of the Rwandan Army Special Forces have already been infiltrated in Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, Kisangani, and other major cities. The plan is to assassinate Kabila, provoke the population rage, instigate massacres, and take power in the chaos.  This plan worked in Rwandan. Kagame thinks it will even easily work in the DRC.

Kagame  plans to install Tshisekedi as the president,  Azarias Ruberwa as the Vice-President, and Arthur Zahidi Ngoma as the Prime Minister. A Rwandan Bizimungu-Kagame-Twagiramungu scenario.  The Rwandan Army will be the de  facto army of DRC  under RCD banner. Once the World’s attention has waned, Tshisekedi will be replaced by Azarias Ruberwa and maybe sent to retirement in his native Kasai Oriental province if he is still alive.  Arthur Zahidi Ngoma will certainly go back to exile, although he may also be killed in the process. 

The situation is so serious and the information so reliable and alarming that Kabila’s allies are working around the clock to foil the plot. Hence, the French launched in catastrophe the operation Artemis, which, under the cover of Bunia’s tragedy, will serve as the bumper against the Rwandan invasion from the East. Angolans just proposed to the United Nations Security Council  their official return to Congo to protect major cities where leaders will be based. In reality it is to counter the actions of infiltrated Rwandan Special forces. 

Rwanda, on its side, fears Kabila may initiate actions. That is why Rwandan allies, especially the South Africans and somewhat, the British who have initially dragged their feet, have rushed to participate in operations in Eastern Congo.

AfroAmerica Network still has the clock still ticking.  How many months can we give to  Kabila Jr.?