Rwanda days in Chicago / Local budget as per Ambawashington and AmbaOttawa suggestions

 Look, how RPF is wasting millions and millions for Kagame's trading in USA, while Students in Rwandese Universities do no longer get the scholarship!

    Chicago, May 12, 2011  


To : Minister Louise Mushikiwabo, Ambassador James Kimonyo,   Mbaine, Ambassador Mukabagwiza Edda,Senator Munyabagisha,  Justine Niyibizi Mbbabazi,Gahamanyi Parfait

I hope this finds you well, As promised in yesterdays update, Please find attached, the Program for the event, budget (see below)for mobilization team, and proposed budget for transport and accomodation.

  We have made head way, and are in the process of securing the Venue, Amba. Kimonyo is on his way from Chicago, and we will be comunicating this to you in our update tomorrow.

  We had another meeting today with Sanotor Munyabagisha and although the attachment offers a detailed information, Here is a summery of our discussion and the areas we addresed. 

 On the mobilization,(people form different states)  we continue to strategize on the best scenarios that would help us best draw in the largest number of participants, The scenario highlighted as number six is our recomendation,( sorounding Chicago-also refered to as Zone 1) 

  Another area under mobilization is for theThe embassy team of 8 people who are going to mobilize people in the different states. three groups came up for consideration in our resouce allocation, 

  1)Others delegates on ground, we need to provide them air tickets and hosting meetings.
2)      27we have 27 individuals as our go to people also refered to to as, Focal points. There is a needt to facilitate transport and allowances.

  3)      10also Identified are  Delegates from Kigali who will need facilitation(communication and hosting meetings) we culculated this in terms of groups and believe that $ 500 is enough to cover this making a total of $ 1,000 for communication.

Another area we looked at was setting up structure of command that will over see different section of the event,for example event managers,security, protocal etc. We suggested each have 3 people, one from the Embassy, other form the diaspora and the third one from Kigali, We request that the all concerned parties start planning on who will be allocated to the specific area and that they meet on sunday 15th to confirm the choices.

We also brainstormed on the invitation and who to be invited, the Embassy has already sent out some invitations, we suggested that these invitations be followed by an E-invite and posiibly a phone call from Amba. Kimonyo. We also highlighted inviting Chicago's top Officials.

Currently, there are Approximately 80-90 students from Arkansas consortium group who have confirmed attendence with transportation and accomodation provided by university. The final list will be available by 16th May.

The University of Oklahoma is sponsering30 students and they will provide a van for transportation. we are waiting to find out if they will help them with accomodation as well. There are 10 Oklahoma students who will be in GE for internship , they will attend but would like discounts on accomodation.

 4 students from William penn university will attend they can drive but will let us know by end of this week if the university will assist them.We have 6 private students from BVU in IOWA who would love to attend if they are facilitated. About 29 students from CBU are espected to attend but they will need facilitation which i will be able to determine by Friday. We are expecting  these numbers to increase if facilitation is provided.

Lastly, In our mobilization process, senator Munyabagisha, has reached out to  one of the focal point intending to mobilize more than 500 people,we will updating you on the out come of his communication with him tonight.,Kayinamura of RINA is preparing a package that will also  help in the mobilization process. 

We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Kind regards


Catherine Rwivanga Mubangizi
Cell: 443-955-1742