5 octobre 2014

Ububanyi n'amahanga

Yes, Americans are about to commit a 3rd genocide. When this happens, the world should not say we did not know, we did not see it coming or should not say like said once the General Secretary Ban Ki Moon: “We could have done better, we should had done better …”
Niyo Obama yakumva ikibazo cyacu, si we uzatugira ku rugamba

Niyo Obama yakumva ikibazo cyacu, si we uzatugira ku rugamba

Reading the title of this article one wonders:

Yes, Americans are about to commit the 3rd genocide. Before it happens, this is the last crying alarm of a powerless, helpless nation, somewhere in the Great Lakes Region in Central-East Africa. This is the last crying alarm of Rwandese people. For sure you have heard in the past about Rwanda. May be you said who cares! Let those black Africans kill each other. But what you did not know, you did not know that, your Government, the most portrayed democratic country, the United States of America was behind the first and second genocide that happened in Rwanda.

It is now no secret, and the whole world need to know the truth, that the Government of United States was behind or and involved or and supported the first and the second genocide that happened in Rwanda and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In criminal law, you all know that the accomplice is as guilty as the accused (the main offender). That is what Americans has done in the first and second genocide in Rwanda and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And as we write this article, that is what Americans are about to repeat in Rwanda and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Americans have been the accomplice in the first genocide that happened in Rwanda from 1990 -1994 and in the second genocide that happened in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 1996-1998. And as if the death toll of more than 5 millions of innocent people from the first and the second genocide was not enough for them; Americans are about to commit the third genocide.

American involvement in the first genocide in Rwanda 

The first genocide in Rwanda (1990-1994) claimed about 1 millions of innocent lives 80% of which were Hutu and 20% Tutsi as it was recently repeated by the recent BBC video report (1) but in fact confirming what all the time many Rwandese intellectual and politicians have been saying.

In Rwanda, from 1990 to 1994 a double genocide happened. While Hutu Militia and Hutu extremists were killing innocent Tutsi on one side, the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) rebel movement was killing innocent Hutu on the other side. The official version of the actual Rwandan Government is that from 1990-1994 a genocide against Tutsi happened in Rwanda.

James Uwizeye once in 2011 wrote in his article: “A systematic count by the government of Rwanda in collaboration with genocide survivor organisations established that 1,074,017 people were killed, of whom 934,218 have been identified by name: 93.6% were killed because they were Tutsis; the others either because they were Hutus married to Tutsis, resembled Tutsis, had hidden their Tutsi neighbours or were Hutus who opposed genocide.” (2)

That is half the truth, the whole truth is that a double genocide happened in Rwanda from 1990-1994: 80% of people who were killed were Hutu and 20% were Tutsi. If this was not true, very few Tutsi would have left in Rwanda after the genocide. 

Rwandan Hutu refugees are evacuated in 1997 by train from the Biaro refugee camp south of Kisangani in eastern Congo, then Zaire.

Rwandan Hutu refugees are evacuated in 1997 by train from the Biaro refugee camp south of Kisangani in eastern Congo, then Zaire. Later RPA killed all of them.

Since the colonial time census and not since the hutu lead government time census as Tutsi extremists rather Tutsi truth denial say when they want to distorts the truth, Tutsi were estimated at 14% of the population. In 1993 according to International Monetary Fund-2011 World Economic Outlook (3), the population of Rwanda was 7 609 000. 14% of that population being the Tutsi, this represent 1 065 260. Therefore, if the official claim that 1 074 017 people were killed of whom 93.6% were Tutsi (1 005 279), only less than 100 000 tutsi would have left after the genocide. 

Since our main purpose in this article is not about the number of hutu or tutsi who died in the genocide, let us come back to our main topic. So far you may ask yourself: What are the Americans have to do with the first genocide in Rwanda (1990-1994)? For us to answer to this question, we need to ask ourselves this principal and fundamental question: Should RPF not invaded the Rwanda from Uganda in 1990, would have the 1990-1994 genocide happened?

My response is no. And who trained and armed RPF soldiers? Uganda and United States of America did (4). Who was providing intelligent information to RPF during the 1990-1994 RPF war? Americans did, through different means including Americans soldiers who were serving in the UN peace keeping forces in Rwanda and Uganda at that time.

If you doubt about the involvement of the American Government in the tragedy imposed to Rwandese people, please take few minutes to think twice about the following thoughts:

If you still doubt about the involvement of the American Government, and you want to know the truth, I strongly recommend you to read the article wrote by Michel Chossudovsky (Rwanda, Installing a US Protectorate in Central Africa. The US was Behind the Rwanda Genocide) where among other interesting findings he wrote: “The civil war in Rwanda and the ethnic massacres were an integral part of US foreign policy, carefully staged in accordance with precise strategic and economic objectives.” (5)

If the quoted above article is not enough for you, then read the book written by Madam Del Ponte, the former ICTR Chief Prosecutor who was just removed from her position by the US Government stretched hand in the United Nations because she wanted to indict President Kagame and the RPF for war crimes, atrocity, crimes against humanity and genocide they committed. Del Ponte book’s title is: “Confrontations with Humanity’s Worst Criminals, and the Culture of Impunity” (6) 

13719345813_4e1df6c0c4_zWe Rwandese people who want to know the truth, because there are others who do not want to know the truth, have no doubt in our minds that the American people through their US Government were behind the first genocide committed in Rwanda from 1990 – 1994. It is our duty to tell the truth and the whole truth to the world about the US involvement in the Rwandese Genocide and to ask American People and US Government this question: Why do you hate us so much? 

My message to the American People is: if you do not want to be one day judged by the history, you need to denounce the barbaric involvement of your Government in the Genocides in Africa under the pretext of economic interests. 

American involvement in the second genocide in the Republic Democratic of Congo (RDC)

By now you know that the first genocide in which Americans and the US Government were involved happened in Rwanda from 1990 to 1994. The second genocide took place in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 1996 to 2003 during mainly the two wars that Rwanda and Uganda arms forces launched in the Democratic Republic of Congo from 1996 to 1998 and from 1998 to 2003. More than 5 millions innocent lives are reported to have died during those two wars (7).

Russ Feingold

Russ Feingold

Many academics and honest international journalists have wrote extensively about what I would call the sinful marriage between the US Government and the dictatorial and genocidal Rwanda Patriotic Army Government in Rwanda led by President Kagame. I call it sinful marriage because of the relationship between a so called a world leader democratic country Government (USA) and the dictatorship and genocidal government (Rwanda). USA is not alone in that sinful marriage. UK, Canada and Israel they are in the same bed. But in this article I decided to concentrate on USA and to address my message to the US Government and to the American people.

Quoted by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky in his article: Twenty Years Ago, The US was Behind the Genocide: Rwanda, Installing a US Proxy State in Central Africa, Musengwa Kayaya wrote

“Washington pumped military aid into Kagame’s army, and U.S. Army Special Forces and other military personnel trained hundreds of Rwandan troops. But Kagame and his colleagues had designs of their own. While the Green Berets trained the Rwandan Patriotic Army, that army was itself secretly training Zairian rebels.… [In] Rwanda, U.S. officials publicly portrayed their engagement with the army as almost entirely devoted to human rights training.

But the Special Forces exercises also covered other areas, including combat skills… Hundreds of soldiers and officers were enrolled in U.S. training programs, both in Rwanda and in the United States… [C]onducted by U.S. Special Forces, Rwandans studied camouflage techniques, small-unit movement, troop-leading procedures, soldier-team development, [etc]…

And while the training went on, U.S. officials were meeting regularly with Kagame and other senior Rwandan leaders to discuss the continuing military threat faced by the [for mer Rwandan] government [in exile] from inside Zaire… Clearly, the focus of Rwandan-U.S. military discussion had shifted from how to build human rights to how to combat an insurgency… With [Ugandan President] Museveni’s support, Kagame conceived a plan to back a rebel movement in eastern Zaire [headed by Laurent Desire Kabila] …

The operation was launched in October 1996, just a few weeks after Kagame’s trip to Washington and the completion of the Special Forces training mission… Once the war [in the Congo] started, the United States provided “political assistance” to Rwanda,… An official of the U.S. Embassy in Kigali traveled to eastern Zaire numerous times to liaise with Kabila. Soon, the rebels had moved on. Brushing off the Zairian army with the help of the Rwandan forces, they marched through Africa’s third-largest nation in seven months, with only a few significant military engagements.

Mobutu fled the capital, Kinshasa, in May 1997, and Kabila took power, changing the name of the country to Congo…U.S. officials deny that there were any U.S. military personnel with Rwandan troops in Zaire during the war, although unconfirmed reports of a U.S. advisory presence have circulated in the region since the war’s earliest days.” (8)

Why is the US Government spending its citizen’s tax payers’ money in supporting a Government reported to be involved in mass massacre, murder, inhuman imprisonment conditions, forced disappearance and genocide? 

In 2005, while the US Government military aid to Rwandan Government was booming, and after Rwandan and Ugandan Troupes have invaded the Democratic of Congo (RDC) on several occasions whether directly or by proxy rebel armies they created; three mass graves were discovered in the Eastern part of the Congo. After that discovery, the United Nations announced its intention to conduct investigation and it appealed to the Security Council in 2006 to conduct a mapping exercise in the RDC. 

The mapping exercise began in July 2008 and the report was submitted to the UN High Commission for Human Rights in 2009 for review, comments and finalization. The mapping report contains 550 pages made from 617 alleged human rights violent incidents that were recorded, more than 1 500 documents that were analyzed, 1 280 witnesses who were met to collaborate or to invalidate the alleged violations reported. 

No other report can be as independent, neutral and objective as this UN mapping report. Surprisingly no further action has been taken since 2009 about these grave human rights violations. The mapping report as said by the UK journal the telegraphic: “The report, reworded in parts after a leak, said the “apparent systematic and widespread attacks … reveal a number of inculpatory elements that, if proven before a competent court, could be characterised as crimes of genocide”, pointing in particular to attacks by Rwandan troops from 1996 to 1997. (9)

We Rwandese people, we are certain that the US Government does not want to bring the Government of Rwanda, its Army and its President before the justice, because the US Government knows that the truth of its direct or indirect involvement in the genocide that happened in the RDC may come out. It is a matter of time the truth will triumph and the justice shall prevail.

Can at this moment or at any given time in the future, US Government and American people say that they did not know what Rwandan Government Army trained and financed by US citizens tax payers was doing in committing the second genocide in the Congo? We need to tell the world what is happening in Rwanda and what US Government and the American have been doing in Rwanda and in the Great Lac Region of the Central-East of Africa. Honest American citizens, it is time to distance yourselves from your Government before the history judges you. 

Americans are about to commit a 3rd genocide

Despite the second genocide of which the Hutu Rwandese refugees have been victims since 1996, more than 250 000 have survived in the jungle forest of the East Democratic Republic of Congo. They are still alive only because of the Almighty protection upon them and because of the Rwanda Liberation Democratic Movement Front (FDLR in French: Front Democratique de Liberation du Rwanda) which continued to protect them agains animals, local milicia and Rwanda and Ugandan Armies backed by US Government.

The official Kigali’s Government version is that FDLR are people who committed genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and the Governement will never have political talks with those genocidaires. The truth is that the Government of Rwanda failed to publish the list of genocidaires who are in Congo so that they may be brought before the courts of justice. The truth is that more that what they call the FDLR rebels were kids or were not even born when the first genocide occurred in Rwanda in 1994.

The truth is those 250 000 refugees they are afraid from their lives when they return to Rwanda because of people disappearing every day in Rwanda. The are afraid when they see the corps of inhumanely tortured bodies floating in the Akagera River and in the Rweru lac. The are afraid when they see and hear about people tortured in the prisons.

All what FDLR and the Rwandan opposition Parties wants is an all inclusive political debate and talks about what is political happening in Rwanda and how to build a better government system with freedom of expression and an open political space to all Rwandan people. Why is the Government of Rwanda afraid of peaceful talks with its citizens? Why Americans did encourage and supported rebel movements in Congo to talk with the Government of Congo and can’t do the same for Rwanda?

US Government has a special envoy in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. Russ Fengold. Instead of encouraging and supporting peace talks, US Government and UN forces in the Congo, they are impatient to attack the 250 000 refugees living in the Congo. FDLR has been given the deadline of January 2nd, 2014 to have lied down voluntarily their arms.

genocide-in-rwanda-skullsApparently they will not unless they have guarantee of security of the people they are protecting and the open talks with the Government of Rwanda for a safe and dignified return in their mother land. Passed that time US government and UN forces are ready to attack FDLR and 250 000 refugees’ civilians. This is the 3rd genocide that is about to be committed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

We call upon African States that have already understood the American Neo Colonialism and imperialist policy in Africa to prevent by all means this 3rd genocide to happen.

Message to the President Obama

To the President Obama, I have just one message. You are an American but you are also a black and you have African origins. This was your opportunity to bring a lasting peace environment in Rwanda and in the Great Lac Regions. One of your biggest international policy failure, by which the history will judge you, will be to have been failed this responsibility.

As a President who has a human rights defender background, you should have been the one to be more sensitive to human rights violations and abuses that have been taking place in Rwanda and in the Great Lac Regions since 1990 up to know. The history will judge you harshly on this failure. Being an American leader is to be a world leader and your Administration has failed to support lasting peace initiatives and solutions in Rwanda and in the Great Lac Regions.


Jotham Rwamiheto
Montreal, Canada

The freedom fighter: My gun is my pen, my ammunitions are my ideas.

P.S: I give copy right and authorization to any one who would like to translate this article in any other language and to publish it in any other journal and magazine.


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