Leaked: Rwandan Secret Services’ Plan to Eliminate Victoire Ingabire

The Rwandan directory of military intelligence DMI in collaboration with national police force may have masterminded the conspiracy to indict and eliminate Madam Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza with charges of participating in terrorist activities.


Army General Rwarakabije

On a tip off from an informant from Kagame’s secret services, the exiled Umuvugizi newspaper Chief Editor Jean Bosco Gasasira revealed that a while ago the plan to eliminate Madam Victoire Ingabire was engineered by Colonel Dan Munyuza assisted by Army General Rwarakabije.

General Rwarakabije was asked to find an agent to play a central role to carry out the plan. He was tasked to hire a Hutu ethnic agents from FDRL that can be as reliable as easily influenced to collaborate in the Machiavelli plan, Umuvugizi Newspaper revealed Sunday 17th October.

The Newspaper confirmed that “General Rwarakabije picked one of his men from FDRL, a certain Major [Vital] Uwumuremyi who arrived in Rwanda a few months ago with his group. Once in Rwanda he was given a mission to return to Congo to spy on his comrades. He carried out his secret mission on several occasions before they were able to trust him. Information we have confirms that he received a large amount of money to convince him and be confident.”

It is believed that, when General Kayumba and Colonel Karegeya defected and fled the country, the Kagame’s army intelligent services planned to accuse them of terrorism crimes so that they can be brought back to Rwanda. The plan was also to get them isolated especially that both men have strong support in the army and civil community of the RPF party.

Umuvugizi confirms also that, earlier, the plan was devised by the Directory of Military Intelligence (DMI), which invented a ghost army called CDF (Coalition of Democratic Forces) and issued press releases and tracts to back it up.

In actual fact, this army group does not exist. It was only invented to create grounds for extraditing exiled army generals back to Rwanda.

Recyled Plan

“When this strategy did not work as planned as South Africa refused to extradite both generals, the plan was redirected at Mme Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza’s arrest, using agent Major Uwumuremyi, especially because her earlier accusations were widely seen as false.” Umuvugizi continues.

International community has condemned the controversial genocide laws behind common accusations as a political tool to stifle the opposition to the point that Kagame’s government accepted to undertake a review of the laws.

“Secret services carefully planned Victoire Ingabire’s case. When the conspiracy was properly set, the plan was submitted to Kagame who accepted it. He immediately started to stress that it is not illegal to indict an opposition figure when they are guilty. He passed on the plan to the police and the prosecutor’s office so that they can start acting on it. Agent Uwumuremyi was already prepared to falsely accuse Victoire Ingabire of participating in the formation of the army group”

Kagame intentionally kept stating to international press that it was not illegal to arrest and bring to court someone who threatens national security. This argument was also heard in his speech during the new government swearing in ceremony a few days ago. He complained that the international community is asking him to allow space for his political opponents while they, in their countries, punish those who are opposed to their governments: “We know that they arrested a member of parliament because of his anti-Muslim views, but they condemn our arrest of those with genocide ideology” Kagame said.

He kept hammering the same argument and that they have no right to call him a dictator. These statements were paving a way to the planned Victoire Ingabire’s arrest.

At this moment, International community, especially donor countries, are putting pressure on Kagame to accept to form a government with members of opposition parties. With his plan, he would be able to prove that the opposition is only made up of people with questionable background. Another reason is that Ingabire was being very competitive to Kagame since she was criticising him publicly and was effectively collaborating with donors on Rwandan political issues. She was being a serious obstacle to Kagame’s foreign policy.

Bernard Ntaganda approached by Kagame

Another thing that was revealed by the newspaper’s informant is that, as the international community was putting pressure on Kagame, he devised a plan to approach Lawyer Bernard Ntaganda [PS Party chairman who is now in prison] to use him to character assassinate Mrs Victoire Ingabire. The plan was to lure Ntaganda on the govermnent side as they did with many other opposition politicians, such as [Senator Stanley] Safari, who helped destroy their own parties in exchange good posts.

Information received stated that [Ntaganda] was met in prison and was asked to sign statements apologizing to Kagame and stating that he disowns Victoire Ingabire. In exchange he was to be released from prison and rewarded an important post in the government. The informant revealed that he was called in the “1930” Prison Director’s office, at night to meet with those in charge of convincing him. It is stated that he was taken outside the prison to convince him even further.

Bernard Ntaganda categorically refused to sign. As a punishment, he was transferred into a solitary confinement in atrocious conditions.

According to Umuvugizi newspaper, information received corroborates that “Victoire Ingabire will be given a slow killer type of poison that will put an end to her political career. At the same time, agents of special intelligence in diplomatic missions in Rwanda are working hard to convince ambassadors that Victoire Ingabire was part of the terrorist army group”

As soon as she arrived in Rwanda, Mrs Victoire Ingabire was accused of genocide ideology and genocide denial as well as of collaborating with armed group FDRL. It is alleged that she provided financial support to the army group.

Today all of these allegations have changed. She is now accused of participating in the formation of a new army wing CDF and of supplying it with weapons. Umuvugizi Chief Editor, Jean Bosco Gasasira who is familiar with these ever-changing charges confirmed that this is pure fabrication. This culture within the RPF party led by Kagame has cost lives of many innocent people who happen to have different political opinion from that of its leader