Rwandan politician Deogratias Mushayidi has been detained since 5 March. He has been allowed no contact with his lawyer, and he is at risk of ill-treatment.

Deogratias (usually known as Deo) Mushayidi is the Chairman of a political party, the Pact for People's Defence (PDP). It was founded in Belgium, and is active with Rwandans living abroad, but not registered in Rwanda. He was head of the Rwandan Journalists' Association from 1996 to 2000. He is an outspoken critic of the Rwandan government.

He was detained in Burundi on 3 March by the Burundian security forces, who handed him over to Rwanda two days later. It is not clear whether he was formally extradited.

The Rwandan authorities have told national broadcaster Radio Rwanda that Deogratias Mushayidi is wanted in connection with recent grenade attacks in Kigali. He is accused of a number of serious offences, including terrorism, but it is not clear whether he has actually been charged. He has not yet been brought before a court.

The Rwandan Police confirmed to Amnesty International on 9 March that Deogratias Mushayidi is detained at Kicukiro Police Station. They said that his right to access a lawyer and other visitors would be respected. However, his lawyer has so far been refused access to him. An international human rights group and some of his friends did not receive authorization either to visit him.

PLEASE WRITE IMMEDIATELY in English, French or your own language:

n  urging the authorities to release Deogratias Mushayidi, or else charge him with a recognizably criminal offence;

n  urging them to ensure that any legal action takes place promptly and in accordance with international fair trial standards;

n  urging them to ensure he has access to a lawyer of his choosing, and regular family visits;

n  urging them to ensure that he is not subjected to torture or other ill-treatment.



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ADditional Information

Deogratias Mushayidi fled Rwanda in 2000 and sought asylum in Belgium. From exile, he has been an outspoken critic of the Rwandan government. He formed the Pact for Peoples Defence in November 2008. In recent months, he is known to have travelled to Tanzania.

On 19 February, there were three simultaneous grenade attacks in Kigali. Less than two weeks later, on 4 March, there were two further near-simultaneous grenade attacks in Kigali. Rwandan police investigations into the attacks are underway, and it is in connection with these attacks that Deogratias Mushayidi has been arrested.

The attacks came amid rising tension as Rwanda prepares for presidential elections due to take place in August. Amnesty International has condemned recent intimidation of opposition groups and urged the authorities to respect the right of opposition parties to freedom of expression, freedom of association and peaceful assembly.


UA: 56/10 Index: AFR 47/001/2010  Issue Date: 10 March 2010

Wednesday, 17th March 2010
Mushayidi to appear in court on political charges

Deo Mushayidi in the back of a Police Pick-up as he left torture in prosecution headquarters in Kimihurura yesterday. (Photo/ J. Mbanda)

Humura,na Mandela bazina bawe yavuyemo;
 Ntiwafatiwe mu busambo,nta ndege wagushije,nta genocide wateye mu rwakubyaye,nta maraso y'inzira-karengane wamennye,uri mwiza kandi urera de de.
Umunsi ubucamanza buzima bwagiyeho bugasimbura ubwo butareba,uzarenganu rwa,naho ubu komeza umushumi w'ipantalo,inzira iragutema amara;inyota wakwishe,ihanganire ingoyi n'iy'abagabo.
Muri gereza harunzemo inzirakarengane nyinshi cyane,nubwo baharaniye kugufungira mu kato ngo babone uko bakomeza bakwica urubozo,bakurogere mu bwiherero nkuko abacakara babyigambye.

Agahinda nti kica,ingoma ngome bitinde bitebuke,nyamara izabiryozwa n'abandi batari wowe,kuko kukuziza ngo ibyo wabandikiye, ababikoze turi benshi cyane,ni basabe inkunga z'amapingu menshi.
Imana niyo nkuru,ibindi byose n'amanyanga.
Kwica Mushayidi s'ukwica ba Mushayidis,inshuti n'umuryango wose barabireba,uruvugir o